Frequently Asked Question

How to book a doctor?
I am looking for a certain specialty doctor but it is not available in the website. What to do?
How secure it is to pay via your website?
Why don’t I get an appointment instantly like other services after paying online and confirming booking?
I have paid and booked for a service. When will I get to know the appointment time?
What if I don’t get the service after booking? Do I get a refund?
The medicine prescribe by the international doctors are not available in Bangladesh. What to do?
How do I know the name of the medicine with only generic medicine name in Bangladesh?
I have medical reports that I want to share with the doctor during consultation. How to do that?
I don’t have a scanner at home. How to scan?
During the video consultation session, the doctors gave me test which I need to perform. How do I get those reports to be reviewed with the doctor. Do I need to pay again?
If the doctor suggest that I need overseas treatment, can webdoctor.care help?